Ducks Ducks Sitting Ducks

Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

Ha ha... Greetings. I'm not sure if everyone knows, but I am an agricultural student and I don't think I would've made any other choice. I am a proud agricultural science student. I've been thinking of writing this post for a long time already and now finally I have the chance to do so. So recently in my current semester ( the feeling of being all grown up is so funny), I took a subject call ' Principles of Weed Science' where we learn about weed morphology, ecology, control and so what-not. 

During one of this class, we(my class) discussed on the weed control methods specifically biological control. So the basic idea is, biological control of weed is that the biological part(living organism or part of it) would naturally or by its own would do the weed control without any meddling of human after introduction. That's the basic idea. Then, the lecturer broke the story of the agency in my country, Malaysia, trying to introduce ducks as a weed control method to the field so that they would eat the weeds and its seed. This trial, was a fail. Yes. It failed. 

Why? Why indeed. Apparently in Thailand, they've been doing it and it worked wonders. So, why didn't it work in Malaysia?

It turns out that the duck in Malaysia does not pass the characteristics for it. The ducks in Thailand would go to the field by its own. Ducks here, on the other hand, seems to be a bit exclusive. They require escorts to guide them to the field. By doing such thing, it adds the cost and time, thus the failure.

Can you believe it? What a laugh.

Looking at the state of this country, I can't help but relate them with some of the population in this country. The society is sick. I'm becoming sick. You can trace it, and a huge trace of it, you can trail it right up to the top. It's sad. We're becoming a joke. A joke worth of a short laugh and claps only to be ridiculed of.

Now, we're close to those duck aren't we? I'm won't say that I am not. I'm not doing much am I? Will I? Well, I wrote about it. I wonder who's reading. But for now, I think we're close to our ducks. A sitting duck. So close to destruction. So vulnerable. Maybe ducks won't do much, but if I can't be a duck that cleans the whole field until it is free of all weed and it's seed, at least I don't want to be the agent to spread the seeds that propagate the seeds. Am I though? Or am I really like those ducks? Hmmmmm.... 


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